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Do you pronounce the l ?

Hi folks,

I recently heard someone pronounce the l in talk. This person is a native English speaker. I pronounce this word like taut or taught (with a k instead of a t at the end of course:) (tôk) This is the first time that I ever heard anyone pronounce talk this way. I was just wondering whether or not any other native English speakers pronounce talk or walk in this way i.e., Tau l k (tôlk). If so, is it common in the area where you live? I hope this question is OK;)

Thanks in advance,
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    thaliafan said:
    It's not unusual! Many people speak in different ways. Just stick to what you've been taught! :)
    I'm not going to change the way I pronounce it. I am merely trying to satisfy my curiosity :)

    So you're saying that you've heard these words pronounced that way? May I ask where? Is it common? That's the purpose of the post.