1. Padawan Member

    Spain, Spanish
    I think it could be interesting to know the different sizes they use in UK and USA and establish how we the Spaniards (or any people with a different size system) can know his size it these countries.

    For example: I wear shoes of the size 44 in Spain (is correct this expression? :confused: ). What size would I use in the States?
  2. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    I took a quick glance around, try this site.

    shoes size Tellmeabout.co.uk
    US, UK and European Clothing and Shoe Size Equivalents. Men's Suit/Jacket.
    9. 9.5. 10. 11. Converting Sizes: Deduct 1.5 from women's size to get men's. .

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