tamaño / talla (clothing)

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    I was looking to find whether Extra Chico would be the way to say Extra Small in terms of the size of clothing. I used the word tamaño to do a web search to see what I would get.

    Then I went to WR to look. It interested me to learn that talla should be using for size when speaking about clothing. And yet, there were lots of references to clothing with the word tamaño online. (Yes, I know there are errors on the Internet!)

    Are talla and tamaño used differently in some countries and are interchangeable in others? (I know that these words have been discussed on WR but not in this manner.)

    Thank you.
  2. danicafe Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    In Spain we always use "talla" when we talk about clothes and shoes. "tamaño" is a generic word rarely used in this context. I don't know about Southamerica. For shoes we use to just say "número":

    ¿Cual es la talla de tu camisa?
    ¿Cual es el número de tu zapato?

    In Spain we never say "chica" in a formal context, so "pequeña" is the right term, but I'm almost sure things could be different in Southamerica.

    L -> Talla grande
    M -> Talla mediana
    S -> Talla pequeña
  3. romarsan

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    Hola Snowgirl.

    Como dice danicafe, en España se usa "pequeña" para definir una talla
    Si he visto que actualmente existen " extra pequeña" y extra grande"

  4. SnowGirl

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    ¡Gracias por el punto de vista española!
  5. vimmex Senior Member

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    This sounds exactly like the kind of things that is very difficult to explain to a non-native. I'll try babbling a bit and let's if I say something useful:

    Think of tallas as semi-standarized measurement units. Think of them as whole words "talla chica", "talla mediana", "talla grande", "talla 35", "talla 4", etc.

    Think of tamaños the way you think of them in English: to express how big something is.

    Shoe sizes, as danicafe said are called "números".

    When you say "talla" you're referring to what is printed on the label. "Tamaño" is for how big something is, and is probably more dependant on the speaker's perception.
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    ¡Me ayudaste! Gracias, vimmex.
  7. horusankh

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    I don't know about Southamerica either, but in Mexico it's the same as in Spain, the only difference is that we say more "chica" than "pequeña".

  8. shoam

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    spanish argentina
    Han pasado los años pero, para quienes lean esto y les sirva la información; en Argentina se usa igual pero la palabra tiene una vocal distinta: "talle". (¿qué talle tenés?, ¿en qué talle lo querés?)
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    Gracias, Shoam. No importan los años - ¡siempre quiero aprender mejor!

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