Tamazight: Taneith / Tanit

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I am hoping that someone familiar with the Tamazight language will be able to identify the root of a name for me. The Egyptian deity Neith, in Carthaginian culture was called Taneith / Tanit. I understand that the Amazigh people are descended from the Phoenicians and that Athene / Anat / Tanit / Neith are all the same. I also knew that the Tamazight used a Ta at the beginning of a feminine word and a t at the end, but what is the root meaning of na / nei ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Tifinagh, the amazigh script is derived from the Phoenician scirpt. Amazigh people, on the other hand, have nothing to do with Phoenicians, descent wise (other than both being Afro-Asiatic).
    As for the name, I know that Anir means something like shining star. The feminine form would be Tanirt. It's a far shot, bit it's still something to consider.

    It might be woth mentioning, that I've stumbled upon a Libyan blog talking about an ancient town in the West of the country called Anir. A female person from that town would be called Tanirit.
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