Tamil: அ ைல ேயரம

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Hi, I found this in a Tamil book and am unsure of what it means. Can someone please provide me with a translation into English?

அ ைல ேயரம

P.S. Are there any websites that convert Tamil writing into English? If so, it would be much appreciated. The dashed circles are also not part of the word.
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    Hi, the dashed circles are simply a result of the way you have inputted the Tamil text, when typing the ை and ே should always be inserted after the consonant, then it will display correctly before the consonant, but without the dashed circle. This is also true for ெ, ொ, ோ and ௌ.

    There are many different transliteration schemes, but generally you have to transliterate them yourself, I will send you various examples in a PM if you would like. However, transliterating to the Roman script is to be avoided in my experience, especially if you don't know much about Tamil pronunciation, and/or the language in general. The Roman script is very ill-suited to writing Tamil and therefore can create an awful lot of ambiguity unless you are quite familiar with Tamil, or you have to use ISO 15919, which does distinguish all of the different "l"s, "t"s, "n"s, etc. but is very, very complicated, at least as difficult to type and very few people actually know it. It would be much better and easier for me to teach you how to type quickly and easily in the Tamil script, but again, that is for a PM, otherwise a moderator will come along and tell me off for saying things which are irrelevant to this post.

    As for the translation, could you provide some more context please.
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