Tamil: கலகலப் ஜனங்கள்

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    English-Australian creole
    There are 2 forms of each word:
    ஜனங்கள் . ஜனங்க .
    கலகலப் ஜனங்கள்
    கலகலப்பு ஜனங்கள் .
    "Collected Writings on Indian Music" by Dr. V. Raghavan is a three volume work running to over a thousand pages.
    Sri Kanchi Acharya temple conferred the title Sakala Kala Kalapa for versatility.

    " In Malaysia , the Larger Leiden Copper-plate Inscription of Rajaraja I, Epigraphia Indica, Vol XXII at a Buddhist temple of a Kadaram king c.1006 has Sanskrit Section line 73 kala kalapa "the collection of all sciences."

    I'm asking about the ways of combining these words , as a robot-translation says கலகலப் ஜனங்கள் is "riot people".
    Do you know what the meaning may have been in ancient times?
  2. Barque Senior Member

    The former is the actual word/term and the latter is colloquial. Tamil words often get shortened like this in casual speech.
    The second sounds more correct than the first.
    This appears to be a Sanskrit term, meaning something like "Expert in all arts" which just happens to sound like the Tamil word கலகலப்பு you asked about. The Tamil word means something like excited activity - the sort of atmosphere you might find during during a family reunion for instance.
    Maybe this kalapa is a different Sanskrit word meaning collection but has been transliterated the same way as the previous kalapa which means expert.
    This sounds like an odd combination to me.
  3. aruniyan Senior Member

    Its Sanskrit, and i think you are referring to akhila kalA kalApa - meaning "All art collection" or "known/learned all art forms".

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