Tamil: aiyo keelavan

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Sorry I can't provide a transliteration, but because there is no transliteration standard, not a simple, well-known one, anyway, I can't be sure how to write this in the Tamil script.

I was just wondering what "aiyo keelavan" means. I took a quiz on the website "facebook", which gave the result that I act like I'm 43. I'm not, I'm much younger than that, still being at school. A Tamil friend of mine commented

"aiyo keelavan! :p"

And too embarrassed to ask what it means, I thought I'd ask here.

My guess would be that "aiyo" is "ஐய்யோ"/"அய்யோ" meaning "oh my gosh", but I could be wrong and as for "keelavan" I don't really know.

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