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    Can anyone assist me with translation of the following three phrases into authentic Tamil characters:
    • I will return shortly
    Thank you for your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated!

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    Colloquially, itho vanthuttEn = இதோ வந்துட்டேன் or இதோ வந்து விட்டேன் = literally, here I am coming

    Literal translation (as in Google Translation):

    நான் விரைவில் திரும்பி வருவேன்

    Is too formal, is too general.

    naan = நான் = I
    viraivil = விரைவில் = விரைவு + ல் (case) = soon; literally, fast, quickly
    thirumbi = திரும்பி = turn
    varuvEn = வருவேன் = வா > வரு + வ் + ஏன் = essentially, I will come. I is implicit; Tamil is Agglutinate language. Various parts of speech are connected together to make a sentence. வ் = implies future, ஏன் = I will.

    This you can write on a board.

    This can be shortened to,

    viraivil thirumbuvEn = விரைவில் திரும்புவேன் - will turn around soon

    Note: It's harder to translate some of these phrases that sound so natural in English. In Asian cultures, some times words will not be spoken as such. For e.g., in Tamil we don't say Good Morning, Good Evening, Bye etc. VaNakkam = Greetings will do. Lot of meanings were conveyed in body language and gestures.

    Good bye = pOittu varrEn = போய்ட்டு வறேன் (in grammatic language, போய்ட்டு வருகிறேன்) = (I) will go and come. You are never leaving, you will return some day. Some people try, mINdum santhippOm = மீண்டும் சந்திப்போம் = we will meet again

    I will be right back = போய்ட்டு சட்டுணு வறேன் = I will go and quickly come back

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