Tamil: Nothing is going to change my world.

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I want to get a tatoo in Tamil. I was wondering if someone could translate this for me:

Nothing is going to change my world.

Could you include the symbols?
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    Okay, Tamil has been fascinating for a long time, so I'm trying to put it as best as I can. I wouldn't take my attempt for a tattoo, but this should be some kind of exercise for me to see whether I have understood the concept of the language. :)

    ஒன்றுமில்லை எண உலகமை மாற்றுவான.
    onrumillai en ulakamai maarruvaan.

    I'd really appreciate, if someone whose native language is Tamil could help me correct the sentence above in case it is incorrect. I'm not sure about the correct choose of words and the correct case of உலகம் (ulakam). :)

    Good luck with the correct translation for your tattoo, Atlus.


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    well, that translation was a bit too literal,
    to the sense where it became a bit inaccurate.

    here is a better translation

    என் உலகம் எபொழுதும் மாறாது
    My world will never change (literal translation)
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