Tamil: Thank you, sister.

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I'm looking to say something similar to the Urdu shukriya bahen jaan or the Hindi dhanyavaad diidii jii. Something endearing sounding.

Thanks in advance.
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    Since nobody seems to be interested, here's a consolation translation: daira manana zama khora. In an unrelated language. Which is it, is easy to guess.

    *Added to new year's resolutions: never digress from thread language ever again!
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    It should be noted that, unless I'm very much mistaken, the "a" on the end is long, as in akkaa (அக்கா).


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    Nandri, sagothiri with th as in that...sagothiri is the general form for sister..but it's not usually used in Spoken Tamil.

    In actual Tamil it's Thanks di..where "di" refers to a known or familiar girl.
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