Tamil: transliteration of foreign names

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Straightforward question – would the five proper names transcribed below be acceptable to native speakers of Tamil?

நேஉஸா / நேஉஃஸா, மார்ஸேல், லேத்திஸியா, மிகேல், தாநியேல் / தாநிஏல்.

If not, why?

Reasoning behind it:

Are there rules of any kind when transliterating foreign names into Tamil, or should one just stick to a compromise between pronunciation and orthography?

Even when it comes to English names, searching e.g. Wikipedia articles can lead to differences in transcriptions of the same names; however, when it comes to names from other languages, it often looks like whoever wrote the articles came up with their own ideas on how to tackle proper names (not infrequently missing the point entirely).

The choice between long and short vowels when dealing with languages that have got no such distinction has always intrigued me too.
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