Tangy flavor (not spicy hot, chilli flavor)

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    How would you say "Tangy" (flavor) in French.

    Tangy in English means a flavor found in a wide range of foods, sweet as in salty dishes.

    It ressemble a sour lemon taste but it is not as acidic. It is a word often used on cheese like a goat's milk cheese (chevre), certain candies (as the websites below show), even certain yogurts can be dexcribed as tangy (not sour!). If anyone has tried passion fruit mousse dessert, that would also be considered tangy. Wordreferenc proposes, "piquant" (as in piment??). I would'nt ever think of describing yogurt or even a dessert as a passion fruit mousse piquant.



  2. JeanDeSponde

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    France, Français
    Moi je dirais acidulé.
  3. viera Senior Member

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    To me, tangy does not refer to any particular flavor; it just means flavorful, more strongly flavored than you're used to. For a fruit-based dessert, this would mean less cloyingly sweet, more sour than usual. JeanDeSponde's suggestion, "acidulé" is the word I'd use in French.

    However, it doesn't work for cheese. "Fromage de caractère" means it's not too mild.

    "Un plat bien relevé" is a dish with a lot of flavor.
  4. poireau Senior Member

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    Thank you for your comments.

    How would you say "a sharp cheese"?
  5. valskyfrance Senior Member

    maybe too late but : âcre / piquant
  6. Manie615 New Member

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    In this case you would say "un fromage fort".

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