Tanning bubble

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I'm still in the mid of translating an episode from a TV series, and this time I have no clue about what "tanning bubble" means.
The heroine discusses some amazing facts about how much original Barbies cost, and what "mistakes" some of them have, and then she says to 2 men (one of them is her husband, so she's referring to him, I guess): "Well, if anybody wants me, I'll be upstairs in my new tanning bubble".
The story about Barbies probably has no relation at all to this phrase, but I'm giving it here just in case. My guess is that she's referring either to some kind of night gown ('bubble' style. like bubble dress, 'tan' meaning color), or to the fact that she'll be naked. in the latter case, however, I see no logical connection to the phrase itself, it's just my guess about the situation.
Or is it some specific think for getting tan on? (I doubt though).
Thank you.
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