Tanque pulmon y deposito de reaccion


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some more industrial terms with which I am not familiar:

Tanque pulmon and Deposito de reaccion

Contexto: "el licor obtenido en esta fase, tras pasar por un deposito de reaccion, se almacena en un tanque pulmon, desde el que se bombea a la siguiente etapa".

I see the idea, some type of tank that pushes the liquor by applying pressure onto the liquid towards another step of the process... but I'm not familiar with this industrial concept.

As for the "Deposito de reaccion", could this be a "settlement depot"?

Thank you ever so much for your help.

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    Spanish (Spain- Castilian)

    "Depósito de reacción", also called "Tanque de reacción or simply "reactor" here in Spain, is a tank where a chemical reaction takes place. I'm not sure about the exact English term to be used (reaction tank?).

    With respect to "Tanque pulmón"... it's first time I've heard it (actually, to me it sounds like a bad translation from another language).


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    This will bring an old thread up to date.

    TANQUE PULMON may not be used in European Spanish, but I need to know what it is because it occurs in a Colombian government doccument regarding water treatment as follows:

    8.1 ......finalmente pasa a traves de un equipo analizador de Carbon Organico Total (TOC) para el control en linea del agua obtenida, el equipo cuenta con un solo punto de uso donde son conectados los tanques pulmon de acero inoxidable.