Tanti Baci

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Chatonne, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Chatonne

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    Che cosa significa «Tanti Bacci»?

    È il nome di un ristorante. Non sono sicuro se la parola è scritto correttamente (è dalla memoria di mia mamma).

  2. fitter.happier

    fitter.happier Senior Member

    London, UK
    The correct spelling is "tanti baci", meaning "lots of kisses" :)
  3. Chatonne

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    Pennsylvania, USA
    English, USA
    Lo so, ma se cerco con Google per "Tanti Bacci" trovare 1.790 risultati. Tutto scritto scorretto?

    Che strano che un ristorante non l'ha scritto correttamente ..
  4. housecameron

    housecameron Senior Member

    Italian/ Italy
    Yes, incorrect, from non-native Italian speakers :)
    Unless one wants to joke, putting emphasis on the word.
  5. redacted New Member

    India - English and Hindi
    I know there's a thread about this phrase already, but it doesn't address my question. An ex (she's Italian) has recently started writing to me again and signs off using this phrase. Is this totally platonic? I don't want to confuse or offend anyone by misconstruing. Also, what is an appropriate phrase to respond with? Thanks for your time.
  6. macforever Senior Member

    It's platonic.
    The answer can be "a big hug", un grande abbraccio.
  7. Teerex51

    Teerex51 Senior Member

    Milan, Italy
    Italian, standard
    It's normally platonic, but if you feel uneasy about reciprocating with the same expression and look for something warm and friendly but "above all suspicion", I'd suggest "un abbraccio" before you sign off. Abbraccio is hug and should serve your purpose. :)
  8. redacted New Member

    India - English and Hindi
    Thank you. That's very useful to know.

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