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There is a French comptine called Ah mon beau château.
It uses the word 'tantire'. I cannot find it, even in
French dictionaries. Translation ideas?
Thank you.
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    doesn't exist. Maybe that "word" is just used for its phonetics ?
    Actually, Ma tantire, lire, lo that comes from the comptine has no sense neither.


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    Hello Mark Franke and welcome to the forum,
    I think the whole line is something like ' na na nère"
    We have a beautiful castle ... Ours is more beautiful.
    Kids making other kids jealous. ( maybe pulling out their tongues) :p
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    I do think ma tan tire lire lo is based on the sentence, Ma tant' tire l'eau = My aunt draws water [from the well].

    Added to the mix is a phonetic play on tirelire, which is the song of the lark; as lord Guillaume de Salluste poetically put it:
    La gentille Alouette avec son tire-lire,
    Tire l'ire à l'iré, et tire-lirant tire
    Vers la voûte du Ciel

    Old mediaeval songs are full of nonsensical vocalizations such as tire lire lire, toure loure loure. There's an old Irish lullaby that goes, toora loora loora.

    As for a translation, well... ;)