Tanto di cappello

  • Yes, Charles is right, it's just a saying, I guess you would say something like "I bow to... (thee/it etc.)", it's a way of acknowledging something's good or somebody's qualities.
    Thanks Charles and Silvia.

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    ... maybe someone did a good work on computer, so you could say he's good, that you can't do same work like that. so "tanto di cappello" is figurative, like when someone bows holding the hat.
    I just red one of forero's profile, going also in the link she has in.
    came in my mind the exclamation : " tanto di cappello!!!!! "
    what would I have had thinking in English?
    Thanks Emma.
    I don't think there is a sensible literal translation however my dictionary does give 'I take my hat off to you' which is a way of saying you are acknowledging some achievement - if that's the context.
    EMMA1968 said:
    I just read one of the forero's profile, and I also went to the link she has in it.
    The exclamation that came into my mind was: " tanto di cappello!!!!! "
    What would I have thought of if I were thinking in English?
    Thanks, Emma.

    Come Gary ha detto, "Hats off to you!" o semplicemente "That's very impressive/I'm very impressed."
    I came across the phrase,

    "Mi tolgo tanto di cappello." which I'm assuming is a mixture of togliersi il cappello & tanto di cappello.

    I just wanted to make sure that this correct Italian. Thanks!