Tanto porque... como porque...

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    Me suena algo rara esta traducción. ¿Cómo lo veis?

    Esta serie de conferencias parte de la consideración de que la historia de la arquitectura moderna en Brasil, desde sus primeros días, en los años 30, hasta la 'alta modernidad', en los 60, guarda una relación estrecha con la política, tanto porque el poder promovió la modernización del país a través de la arquitectura, como porque la arquitectura se llenó de atributos que desafiaban el sistema de valores que tal poder fomentaba.

    This series of lectures starts from the consideration that the history of modern architecture in Brazil, ranging from its early days, in the 1930´s, to the ‘high modernity’, in the 1960´s, keeps a close relation with politics, either because the ruling powers promoted the country´s modernization through architecture, or because architecture was invested with attributes which challenged the system of values that such power fostered.

    ¡Muchas gracias!
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    Normally I would translate "tanto A como B" as "both A and B", lumping them together.
    In saying "either A or B" you are separating them.
    But maybe I can see why: in this case, the A makes architecture an ally or tool of the powerful, while the B makes it a challenger or adversary of the powerful.
    So I'm puzzled more by the Spanish original than by your translation of it.
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    Cenzontle, yes, it is just what you expressed. B is contrary to A.

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