Tappeto armonico


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how would you translate it?
Tappeto armonico means the notes played for ex. by a double bass, or a keyboard, which make the harmony "under" the soloist part played by another instrument.
  • Hi again,
    I think we're going to need a full sentence.
    Googling around a bit, it seems like it might be figurative, and not a formal music theory phrase.
    It could be "bass line", "bass harmonic", "harmonic foundation"...
    @ectropion :) : Hmmmm - but only 168 hits (including this nonsense : "A harmonic carpet tiles listlessly hits a steamy girl to the enormous" :confused::eek:). And not many of the others make much sense, either. Google is a great tool, but I don't necessarily believe it, unless the statistics leave no room for doubt.

    Sorry ;) - but I'm not convinced! I'd go for Tim's suggestions - that is, of course, in the absence of a bilingual pop music expert :).
    Hi ross,

    If you want to be exact, the harmony provided by a keyboard would be desribed as "chordal" and the single notes provided by a bass player the "bass line". In my view, "chordal harmony" or "harmonic foundation" would cover it.

    And yes, I agree with baldpate - I have definitely never heard of "harmonic carpet"!

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    I would say just "harmony". "Harmonic foundation" is not a common expression (I work in classical and rock music, and haven't ever heard it anyway). I don't know what type of music you're referring to but "harmony" by itself already implies that it is the foundation and that another part has the melody.