Taranaa (Urdu), Taraaneh (Persian)

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    Could anyone please shed light on the obscure root of the noun 'taraaneh' (= song, melody)? I seem to remember reading somewhere that this word was derived from the Sanskrit 'vatarana'. But the information may have been erroneous, or my memory of it inaccurate. And, is it found in any other languages? Thanks.
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    It's a Persian word and not derived from Sanskrit. Etymologically, taraaneh might be connected to the word taar "thread, string, wire" and related to the Sanskrit taara- "high tone; loud or shrill note." taraaneh has been borrowed into many Iranian and Indic languages (e.g. Hindi: taraanaa; Urdu: taraanah), and perhaps other neighboring languages as well.
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    اُردو Urdu
    It means an anthem in Urdu or something to that extent, like ''qaumii taraanah''= national anthem, faujii taraanah=army's anthem. As you already know from the IIR forum, its etymology is not Sanskritic and it is not connected to taar.
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    Platts' dictionary is from the 19th century and often has outdated etymologies. So, unless there's other evidence to the contrary, taraaneh could be connected to taar.

    Folk etymology connects it to the homophonous word taraaneh "handsome youth" (the supposed inventor?) or to tar "new, fresh, young."
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