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    ¿Cómo se difieren las palabras tarde y atrasado (ya sea en tono u en otro aspecto)? Por ej., ¿llegué tarde tiene el mismo sentido que llegué atrasado?

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    If you use tarde you should say: llegué tarde.
    if you use atrasado you say: estoy atrasado/retrasado.
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    Although both mean pretty much the same, you use them in specific cases. Let's name a few:
    1) Your model sentence is a good one for perfect synonyms.
    2) When you say, "It's late" you must say, "Es tarde". Saying "Es atrasado" means nothing.
    3) When you say, "He works late" you must say, "Trabaja hasta tarde". Using the other word is out of the picture.

    As a side note:
    "Atrasado" also means "slow" as in "My watch is slow" (Mi reloj está atrasado).
    "Atrasado" can also mean "left behind, backward" as in "The kid is behind in his Maths lessons" (El niño está atrasado en sus clases de Matemáticas).

    This was just a quick something that I hope could help. At any second now, one of our top grammarians will relish in flooding you with explanations. ;)
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