1. MalicePorteña Senior Member

    Hola foreros, Me gustaría saber si existe alguna frase en inglés que sea comparable con esta, que aparece varias veces en mi libro para describir la relación entre una madre y su hija:

    "Me preguntó por Anita, a la que veía tarde, mal y nunca."

    She asked after Anita, whom she saw rarely, late or never.

    Existe una frase hecha para esto?

  2. St. Nick Senior Member


    The DRAE says it's applied to a person that pays poorly: late, poorly, or never. So all I can come up with knowing little about the context of your book would be something like '... whom she saw rarely, if ever, and in a bad state.'
  3. MalicePorteña Senior Member

    Thanks St. Nick,
    "Rarely, if ever" is a good option to convey the sense. "In a bad state" doesn't work because, well, Anita isn't in a bad state when she sees her mother, she's just too busy. I'm hoping to find some expression in English that sticks in the mind more, since it's kind of a refrain in the book.
  4. St. Nick Senior Member

    In the wrong place, at the wrong time, if ever.

    Darn, it would have been so much easier had she been a drug addict.
  5. MalicePorteña Senior Member

    Ain't that the truth... :)

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