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1. The company is targeting at a big project, and will enter into bidding process.

2. Ipad is targeting at yong customers.

Is the phrase "target at" being used naturally here?

Also, I have confusion with this sentence " At ("in"?) what area is your company's bussiness targeting?" If I want to keep "target", how to make this sentence more natural?( or it is already natural?)
  • eyeofhorus

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    No. 'Target' implies 'at' already. So in 1, "The company is targeting a big project..." (though it does sound a bit clumsy)
    "The company targets middle-aged consumers" would be fine.

    However, 2 would be better if it was passive, and here 'at' is used: "The iPad is targeted at young customers"
    Don't ask me why...

    Your last sentence is a bit of a mess. Consider simply "What area does your company target?" (btw "your company's business" is a redundancy). This direct, transitive usage is the same as in 1 above.
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