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I read in a text concerning a group of people discussing how to launch a website the following sentence:

"Well, if we had to choose one that was targeted I think the event is arguably more targeted than the TV advertising.

What does "targeted" mean?

I don´t mind if you give me the translation into Spanish or an explanation in English.

Thanks a lot!
  • cuchuflete

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    Hi xxana,

    This forum is monolingual, so I'll limit the answer to English.

    Targeted in a marketing context means directed at a specific audience or market segment. It is often used in contrast with broadcast, which is a message dispered to a wide audience.

    In your text, an event may be thought of as targeted because the characteristics of the attendees at the event are well defined. By way of contrast, TV advertising may reach many more people, but the audience is amorphous.
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