Tariffs change according to the period of the year specified


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Can please anybody check if the following translation makes sense?!

From English to Chinese:

"Tariffs change according to the period of the year specified."

Thanks in advan!
  • Rama

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    It refers to hotel rooms' tariffs.
    The prices change according to the period of the year selected through the reservation form (e.g. from Sept till March and from April till August there are different rates applied)

    Does this trying sound better, instead?


    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Rama, it's good that you put up additional information. I didn't quite get what you wanted to translate at the first time.

    If the question is if your translation makes sense, I'd say yes. The point that the tariff may vary gets across. The translation is not that idiomatic though and "日期" is literally "date" not "season" which is what you want to say.

    "房價(可能)隨季節變動" is a phrase that is widely used, at least in mainland China. To adapt it to your situation, how about "(請您注意,)房價會隨您選擇的季節不同而變動."?

    By the way, I don't feel the verb "change" is the right one in this context. Hope others will clarify this.


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    I agree with jadediah, the sentence you gave can be translated into Chinese as "房价随季节不同而有所变动". 房价is preferrable to 价格 in this case.
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