Tasa de interés activa/pasiva

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    Hello there,

    In Spanish tasa activa is the rate of interest a bank has to pay, and tasa pasiva the interest it charges its clients.

    I've gone over the forums and find no simple translation for these terms.

    What terms are used in U.S. banking? Does borrowing and lending rates make sense to a banker?

    Thank you for your help.
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  2. pabolinan Senior Member

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    Hola Georrge in BA:

    I found:

    Tasa activa = Lending rate
    Tasa pasiva = Deposit rate

    Although someone will have to confirm if they're correct or not!!

  3. Sherlockat

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    Be careful:
    Lending Rate: the rate of interest that you must pay when you borrow money from a bank or another financial organization.
    [your definition: [sic] 'tasa activa is the rate of interest (...) a bank has to pay :confused:']
  4. Estimado George in BA, cuando estudié Estadística, al cursar Matemática Financiera aprendimos
    : money rate o loan rate o lending rate
    : deposit interest rate

    Pero tu deseo es conocer los términos que usan en bancos de EEUU.

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