tasa de viabilidad

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  1. Damnjoe Senior Member

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    I´m guessing "visibility cup" but that sounds kind of weird to me. It´s from a study about chicken food, in the following formula:

    IEP = ([Tasa de viabilidad x Ganancia de peso/día]/ICA) x 100

    IEP stands for European productive efficiency factor

    Any suggestions?
  2. Ilialluna

    Ilialluna Senior Member

    Hola. No es taza, ni visibilidad. Yo diría "viability rate".
    Un saludo.
  3. Damnjoe Senior Member

    U.S. English
    Muchas gracias
  4. joseluisblanco

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    Español, Argentina
    El problema es confundir tasa con taza.
    Taza is a cup.
    Tasa is rate, measure, and so on (see WR's translation)

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