Taser (pistola eléctrica)

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    Hello everybody¨, i've been looking the meaning of the word TASER but i didnt find it. I read this word in a newspaper article about a man who died in the Vancouver airport, the text said : "he died after being shot with a TASER and then tackled by police"... thanks you for your help..
  2. Fernita

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    A Taser gun is "una pistola eléctrica Taser". Es decir que hace descargas eléctricas.
  3. borgonyon

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    Como indicó Fernita, TASER es una pistola eléctrica. En realidad es la marca de la pistola.
    Taser is un acrónimo por "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle". Tom Swift es un personaje de aventuras ficticio de los 60 o 70.
  4. sanjoaquin New Member

    venezuela. español
    Muchas gracias todos..excelente el origen como acrónimo de esta palabra..thanks..
  5. twilighty Member

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    And really, whoever wrote it chose poorly with the verb shot. No bullets come out of a taser gun. Gun is really a misnomer in the first place.
  6. alacant

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    If you google it you will find loads of information.
  7. richiebb Member

    taser gun because it has a trigger like a gun
  8. AlGrano Senior Member

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    I beg to differ ... if you go to "How Stuff Works" you'll see that there is a new version which fires electrodes that upon hitting the subject, starts a 20 second sequence of electrical discharges. These projectiles are fired by ordinary shotguns whenever the police or military want to incapacitate subjects to take into custody.

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