1. idiomapasion Member

    Santa Cruz, CA
    USA English
    Como se traduce "tax ID number"?
    ? Numero de identificacion para los impuestos?
  2. eugenia aguilar Senior Member

    mexico city
    español mexico
    podria ser la clave que te dan por parte de la pagina en donde se pagan los impuestos para que subas tu declaracion de impuestos.Aqui en Mexico se llama Declanet y ellos te dan un numero para que tu puedas hacer tu declaración de impuestos.
  3. benbluejunior Member

    Gainesville, FL
    U.S. - English
    I believe you're referring to the number you're assigned in the U.S. when you want/need to pay taxes but are ineligible for a social security number?
    I think I would say "número de identificación para declaraciones de impuesto"
    although you could probably come of with several variants.
  4. jvarias New Member

    y qué significa tax number?

  5. thanksinadvance New Member

    Alabama, USA
    English - US
    This is an old thread but for anyone looking for this information, there are two different numbers that we refer to as "tax ID number" in the US.

    First is the Employer Identification Number (EIN) that a business owner / employer must have in order to file taxes (social security, unemployment, etc) for their employees. In Spanish this is "Número de Identificación Patronal".

    Second is the number that an individual gets from the government in order to file taxes if they do not have a social security number (ITIN). In Spanish this is "Número de Identificación Personal del Contribuyente"

    Unfortunate that these are not as short as "tax id" but así es!

    Spanish site for the IRS, where I got these terms: http://www.dcrac.org/internal_revenue_service.htm
  6. Quimerancia

    Quimerancia Senior Member

    La traducción para Tax ID Number, varía según cada país. En México, el término correcto es: Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC)

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