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Dear All,

Sabrina is a partner in the firm's Taxation Department.

My question is when we need to deal with tax we usually go to an Accountant office, but in a law firm it also has a Taxation Department. I don't know what are the differences between these two.

Thank you for your help and God blesses you All!
  • equivoque

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    There are taxation solicitors/lawyers who deal specifically with taxation law, particularly as it relates to corporate law and taxation. In business, these professions are often dependent upon each other and thus a large accountancy firm will have a legal department and vice-versa.


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    I guess it depends on what we actually want to do with tax :) If we want to pay taxes as any law-abiding citizen, we simply file our tax returns or get an accountant to do this for us.

    If, however, we make it a point to avoid taxes (in legal ways) or evade taxes (which is not legal), then we might want to get legal advice on how we can do that. I imagine a law firm's Taxation Department would deal with representing clients facing tax-evasion charges or provide advice to clients wanting to avoid taxation. As equivogue says, there is a close relationship between accounting and law when it comes to taxation.

    Harry Batt

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    The differences are disinct with a law firm where the accounting department could well have accountants who do not carry a law degree and could not appear in court as a litigant. By the same token, lawyers in that department who do not have certification in accounting would not be able to give expert testimony in the field of accounting.
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