1. sallly New Member

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    hello, My understanding is that Te adoro is I adore you. In a thread related to the discussion surrounding te queiro vs te amo, someone said that te adoro is a higher degree of love and is more intense or powerfull than te amo, is this true. Then another thread said that they didn't agree with this. Would love to hear your opinions. Thank you.
  2. pontchartrain Senior Member

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    Not a direct answer to your question, but. . . the last line in "West Side Story," as spoken by Maria to her dead lover Tony is, "Te adoro, Anton."
  3. teddison5

    teddison5 Senior Member

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    I would say that the phrase "te adoro" is less affectionate than "te amo" due to its literal translation, however, this is likely to vary. Just because an individual "adores" someone or something does not mean he or she "loves" it. The question you are asking is rather opinionated, meaning that it varies upon interpretation.

    Es mi punto de vista
    - Saludos
  4. sallly New Member

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    thank you for your quick respones. What I'm trying to ask is, can someone say to someone else is te queiro, te adoro with out it meaning te amo. what I mean is I like you alot , i adore you, with out them thinking it means i love you?
  5. Taña Margarita

    Taña Margarita Senior Member

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    Sí, eso es una pregunta bueno. Quiero saber tambien.
  6. sallly New Member

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    sorry, I don't understand what you said.
  7. Taña Margarita

    Taña Margarita Senior Member

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    Oops, sorry. I just said that was a good question, and I want to know too.
  8. horusankh

    horusankh Senior Member

    México, Español
    I would say "te quiero" expresses a tender, caring love, "te amo" is the real thing which could lead to commitment, and "te adoro" focuses in passion rather than in love, but I couldn't affirm for sure there is no love.

    I'm sorry if I didn't clarify your doubt, but this is what I can say on the subject.

  9. sallly New Member

    English, USA
    thank you for helping me understand what you said. I was going to look each word up in the dic.
  10. Coyo-T Member

    El Salvador / Spanish
    Actually "adorar" is something further than only love somebody. "Adorar" is related firstly in a religious sense to venerate God. However, in Spanish it is accepted the meaning of "love in extreme" to somebody, you could understand that when you tell "te adoro" to other, you mean that person is everything and it is over anything else for you, so that other person becomes basically "divine" to your eyes. "Adorar" applies for things too, for instance when you like in extreme some food. You could tell for instance "adoro la pizza", meaning that you couldn't live without pizza, or you could live eating nothing else than pizza.
    I hope this explanation will help you to understand the "extreme" meaning of "te adoro".
  11. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    Well, the real meaning of a phrase like "I adore you" is that a person thinks so highly of another that he/she WORSHIPS the other person.

    A bit co-dependent for my taste, you know?
  12. teddison5

    teddison5 Senior Member

    English, USA
    I agree with Coyo-T in his or her description of the verb "adorar." Because this word is not being used to express a love for God or another deity, it is not as strong as "amar." When an individual says "te adoro," I believe that he or she is using this as an exaggeration to express a type of unconditional love. Aside from this, I believe that the most accurate response to your question was made by horusankh.

    - Saludos
  13. dhotz54 New Member

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    I have been seeing a spanish speaking girl for about a month now. Her english is not very good, so we speak in spanish almost all of the time. A few days ago she said "te adoro" to me and I wasn't exactly sure how to take it. I wasn't sure how strong of a phrase that is. Is it as strong as saying "I love you" in english? Or is it more like saying "I like you" or "I care about you"? Can someone help me with this as well as compare this phrase to others as far as which is more intense? Thanks in advance!
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  14. modulus Senior Member

    ইংরেজি - আমেরিক
    It is the same as saying "I adore you" with all its nuances---i.e. how it is was said and how it was expected to be understood. "Te quiero" is equivalent to "I love you", with its own set of nuances. "Te amo" is a deep love. It is not a phrase that is commonly used. The closest I can think of in English is "you are a part of me" or something to that effect.
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