te aferras


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Tengo mucha confusión respecto a la forma reflexiva de verbos.

Me podría decir que significa the phrase "me aferra". Does it mean "I cling" or "it clings to me".

Si vamos al caso, ¿did I use the words "me dice" correctly, to mean, "can you tell me"?

Gracias de antemano.
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  • aurilla

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    te aferras = you cling / you latch on to

    "me aferra" by itself makes no sense

    se me aferra = he/she clings / latches on to me

    me aferro a = I cling / latch on to


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    I think it means to cling as you said, but in the sense of remaining intellectually and emotionally attached. I leave the grammar to Spanish speakers.

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