Te amo / te quiero

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  1. simone1 Member

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    I am getting all my questions answered while i can! Is their a big difference between te quiero and te amo? Do puerto ricans use these phrases differently than mexicans?

    Thank you so much
  2. transparente Senior Member

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    Around here, te amo is more committed, than te quiero, in the case of romantic involvements.

    Te quiero is perfectly appropiate for family, friends, and lovers.
  3. Olegaria Senior Member

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    Adding to what has been said in the previous thread.

    We can say: amo a mis padres or quiero a mis padres

    But, we usually say: Amo a mi pais, amo a Dios.

    It is superior kind of love, more spiritual. Am I correct?

  4. Angeles2 New Member

    ok. the difference is TE QUIERO express a less stronger felling than love 98%. TE AMO express strongest felling. 100% is like the difference between I do love you and I love you. Do you understand? is hard to express ah ok! is like a crush and feel in love.
  5. hormiguita Senior Member

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    So "querer" is like being "in like" with someone (as opposed to being "in love")?
  6. boardslide315 Senior Member

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    Sorry, but I have to look out for my non-native friends ;)
  7. magirl25 Member


    I have a question, i hope someone would help me. (I don't know any spanish at all).

    If i want to tell a guy i love him should i say "Te Amo" or "Te Quiero"?
    I don't see the difference, but maybe it has different meanings?

    - Thank you very much, i'm new here but i think it's a great forum!
  8. Grekh

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    Te amo is the literal translation for "I love you" and it has a very strong meaning, whereas "te quiero" which is also translated into "I love you" is less strong, you can "querer" a lot more things than you can "amar".
  9. jj3118 Senior Member

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    I agree with Grekh. If it is the first time you are expressing these types of feelings to him I would stick with "te quiero (mucho)"
  10. magirl25 Member

    Thank you very much for your answer, nice to know he has strong feelings for me:p

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