Te deseo/I want you

  • Lev Yakupov

    Can anybody translate this into english?
    So I can gratefully help with translation from english to russian =)

    Ohh, wait, some update. Google helps with that:
    How I say this in Russian but in a sexual sense, in the sense to make the love with the person to whom says these orations to him :confused: :
    • I have desire of you
    • I want you
    Thanks for the aid

    Max, as I can guess this sentences are directed to male person with some sexual notes in them ( again bless the google: Max, como puedo conjeturar esto condena se dirige a la persona masculina con algunas notas sexuales en ellas? )?

    Tengo ganas de ti - I have desire of you - Я желаю тебя! - JA jelaJU: tebJA:!
    Te deseo - I want you - Я хочу тебя! - JA hochU: tebJA:!

    Uppercased letters are stressed.

    Hope I've done a right translation :rolleyes: