1. kelly ann Member

    can someone please translate this message to me in English? Thank you

    Te estrano mucho, Mas porque no te escuche tu vosalomejor manana ablamos adios que tengas buenas noches
  2. Don Borinqueno Senior Member

    La Isla De Encanto
    Spanish, English
    Thats messages states:
    I miss you more because i havent heard your voice perhaps we will talk tommorrow bye, have a nice night.
    But there are errors. There is no word estrano which is from the verb extranar (to miss) it is spelled extrano. and Vos is Voz and it is not supposed to be combined with a lo mejor like that.
    By the way ppl i just got this new comp and i have no clue how to put the accent mark above words. Could any of you help me out. Gracias
  3. kelly ann Member

    Thank you so much for responding. This helps me a lot
  4. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    Hi Kelly and welcome to the forums!! :)
    The message in Spanish should have been:
    "Te extraño mucho, más porque no escuché tu voz; a lo mejor mañana hablamos. Adiós, que tengas buenas noches."
    I would translate it like this:
    "I miss you a lot, especially because I didn't hear your voice; maybe we'll talk tomorrow. Bye, good night."

    Don Boriqueno: Welcome to the forums!! ;)
    Here you have a thread which could be of some help.

    Regards :)
  5. supernova

    supernova Member

    Washington DC
    Pluto, Plutonian
    that's a commom mistake that some mexican natives and other latinos make when they write in Spanish, they just type the way they pronounce things, it's similar to mistakes that Americans make when they write in English the way they say a word, so the mistakes made in the message above doesn't mean they're not natives ...

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