1. BikerToy007 New Member

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    I would like to know a translation for 'te extrano'. The 'n' has a tilda but i dont know how to put that in. Anyway, I recieved an e-mail from a friend and at the end it said 'te extrano'. I translated it in the dictionary and it only had a rough translation... 'im weird to you', i dont understand the way im supposed to understand that... Please help... Thanks!

  2. solecito

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    I don't recall what the line on top of the ñ is called, it has a diferent pronuntiation from the regular n , te extraño, it means I MISS YOU, you hold down ALT and press 164 when you released the ñ will show up for Ñ is 165, if this doesn't work on your computer, try searching the forum there is another post where with this subject, cheers!
  3. Henrik Larsson Banned

    "extraño" can be a conjugation of verb EXTRAÑAR besides adjective.

    Extrañar: to surprise or to miss. In your case, MISS.

    Extraño a mi perro : I miss my dog

    However, it's still more usual to say "echar de menos" instead of "extrañar".

    Echo de menos a mi perro : I miss my dog

    Ah! "extrañar" no es en absoluto "slang".
  4. mama patrita New Member

  5. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    It depends to where that phrase is intended...
    If it goes to Latin America, "Te extraño".
    If it goes to Spain, "Te echo de menos".

    Both sentences mean the same.

  6. puromedo New Member

    How about saying "I've Missed You"?
    I thought it was "Te Extrañaro", but I'm not sure...
  7. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

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    Argentina (Spanish)
    It would be "Te he extrañado". "The extrañaro" does not exist in Spanish.
  8. danielbe New Member

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    The extrañaro - The misser or The one who misses?
  9. Agró

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    (see post #7)

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