1. Canuck New Member

    Obviously slang, what does this mean? te pillé.
  2. moira Senior Member

    Catalonia, Spain
    spanish, catalan (Spain)
    I got you!
  3. Miguelillo 87

    Miguelillo 87 Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México español
    Is not a slang as a matter of fact is a verb (pillar) and it means "i catch you" like when Bart simpson does someting bad, and you see him you said"i catch you" TE PILLÉ
  4. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    "Gotcha!" ...
  5. Railway Senior Member

    If you want to know the slang use of pillar:
    Pillar: Have sex with a girl or boy. Anoche pillé (yesterday I had sex)
    Pillar: Buy drugs. ¿Pillaste coca? Have you bought cocaine?

    There are more meanings, but these I think that are only from my region of Spain.

    But anyway remember that te pillé only means what Moira, Miguelillo and Txiri have said.
  6. mellytta Senior Member

    chile español
    Hi everybody!!

    I would like preferably a native speaker to help me with this, I want to say "te pillé" in English, I have found these translations: gotcha!! and you are busted!!


    Estás mintiendo, ¡te pillé!

    My attemp

    You are lying! gotcha!/you are busted!

    I would like you to tell me which one sounds more natural, and whether there is any difference in meaning between them or not

    Thank you
  7. Maximus07

    Maximus07 Senior Member

    Northern California
    There are many ways to say this but the first to come to my mind is "You got caught!"

    Gotcha doesn't sound too good. Busted sounds good too.

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