Te prometo que valdrá la pena tanta espera

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  1. jonuthun Banned

    spanish n english
    How Can I Tell My Gf In English Te Prometo Ke Valdra La Pena Tanta Espera Please Thank Ya All
  2. AmethystSW

    AmethystSW Senior Member

    English, USA
    Mi intento:
    I promise you that it will be worth all the waiting.
  3. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Hello jonuthun and welcome to the forum:
    Please read the forum rules. For the benefit of all, please refrain from using slang and/or non-standard abbreviations. Thanks.

    That said, I think the translation you need is "I promise you it'll be worth the wait"

  4. jonuthun Banned

    spanish n english
    Thank U Ppl U R So Kind I Dont Know How Wud I Have Told Her That Without Ur Help Thank U Very Much
  5. samarita

    samarita Senior Member

    ¿has leido las reglas del foro?
  6. jonuthun Banned

    spanish n english
    yes sorry i just think it is a waste of time writing all the words but i will wirte them from now on ok thanks n sorry if it bothers you :cool:

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