te quiero mucho mi amor

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  1. Jetstream New Member

    Can anyone tell me the exact meaning in English of:

    te quiero mucho amor

    I know the first 3 words mean 'I love you' but not sure with amor added.

  2. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    I love you so much, my love

  3. Jetstream New Member

    ah thanks I wasn't sure how to word the two love's but now I see.
  4. manuycacu

    manuycacu Senior Member

    San Isidro, BA
    Argentina - Spanish
    "amor" in this case is a way of calling your loved one, as if you said "honey" or "sweetheart"
    the whole phrase would be "I love you, hon(ey)"
  5. Jetstream New Member

    okey dokey I understand that sounds better.
  6. Gilberto Banned

    How about "Te amo mucho amor" do this mean also "I love you so much, my love."
    Or it has other meaning also.
  7. manuycacu

    manuycacu Senior Member

    San Isidro, BA
    Argentina - Spanish
    Same meaning. I would say "I love you (so much), hon(ey)"
    The difference in Spanish between "querer" and "amar" is in the intensity of the feeling or rather the "kind" of feeling. But in English there's only one word for both: love
    Amar is stronger, you "amar" your spouse, your children; but you "querer" your friends, for example.
    Anyway, you can also tell your husband or your son "Te quiero" and this doesn't mean that you love them less... in fact, I personally never use the word "amar", I have always used "querer" with the same intensity other people use amar... and I "dribble" as much when my 2-year-old son tells me in his newly-learnt words "te que'o mucho"...
  8. funnydeal Senior Member

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    Mexico / Español

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