Tea (meal)

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    ملبورن استراليا
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    اهلا بكم
    في قصة لاطفال بلغتين تجد خط نص يقول بالانجليزية:
    Now, all I have is marrow for my tea. (Here is a secondary, possibly colloq, meaning of tea as a meal)

    بجانب منه ترجمة مكتوبة تقول
    كل ما لدي الان هو ثمرة يقطين لاضعها في الشاي (... to put it in my tea?)

    هل اخطا المترجم او هناك معنى ثانوي للكلمة بعربي ايضا

  2. AndyRoo Senior Member


    Yes it is a mistake. I guess the original was in English and the translator took tea to mean the drink but it seems to mean the meal tea here (UK usage).
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    And only part of the UK at that. المقصود وجبة العشاء
    Just another scandalously poor translation :(

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