teach something to/for somebody

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    Or, more naturally:

    I teach the students music.

    Or even just: I teach music.

    Unless you have to mention WHO you are teaching, it is usually understood. For example, the word 'student' is redundant unless you are referring to a particular group of students, because anyone who is taught something is a student. It's sort of included in the concept "to teach". So for example, you could have the following two conversations:

    - What do you do for a living?
    - Ah I teach in a primary school.
    - Great! What do you teach?
    - I teach music.


    - So, what are we going to teach them when we take them on summer camp this year?
    - Ok, well you teach them English, and I'll teach the students (them) music.

    The latter case refers to a particular group of students, and even then we tend to say "them", because again, 'students' is automatically understood by using the verb 'to teach'.
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