teachers guessing student's grade or mark

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Some students believe they deserve a higher grade or mark given by the teachers. For example, John Doe receives a B- in his essay, but he believes he deserves at least a B+ or an A-; or his final grade is a 3.00, but he believes he deserves a 3.50 or the highest, which is 4.00. Some students here would use the equivalent of the verb guess in this situation:

John: I only got a B- in my essay. Well, the teachers are just guessing the grades of their students.​

When they use the equivalent verb guess in our language, what they mean is that the teachers are merely randomly assigning those grades without any bases.

I wonder what verb or expression your students use in this situation.
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    We commonly use the terms "random" and "arbitrary", which mean the same thing in this context.

    1. The teachers are handing out grades at random.
    2. The teachers are choosing the grades arbitrarily.
    3. The teacher are assigning grades randomly, without any basis

    There are probably other terms that I am not remembering.
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