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  1. Bonjour à tous,

    I work part-time at a school, teaching a 0.8 allotment (or 8/10 FTE: this expresses the fraction of a full-time position, in itself 1.0).

    Do I say: J'y travaille à temps partiel, à une fraction de 0,8?

    Merci d'avance

    Cora Lynn
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    We would say "je suis à 80%".

    J'y travaille à temps partiel, à 80%, en tant qu'institutrice.
  3. Merci, Michelvar,

    That's perfect; I'm wondering if the "institutrice" in your example is just 'au hasard/aléatoire' or you think I might be a woman, given the feminine sound of my user name 'Cora Lynn'. Just curious. It's the name of my locality in Australia. A small place in a rural area.

  4. Michelvar

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    In fact it was just a random example, to build an understandable sentence to help you figure out how to deal with "teaching a 0.8 allotment", as in French we have to separate the "teaching" part from the "0.8" part.

    For me you are just translating a text, I have no idea if it applies to you or not, and I must confess I did not take the time to read your profile :).
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    Le fonctionnement du temps partiel en collège et en lycée est différent. On compte en X/ 18 pour un certifié , en X/15 pour un agrégé. Ex: un mi temps c'est soit 9/ 18 ème pour un certifié, un 7 ou 8 / 15 ème pour un agrégé.
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    I don't know what is the normal usage in "Education nationale". For part-time working it is common to say "je travaille aux quatre cinquièmes" (and not "huit dixième")

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