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Hi! I'm trying to translate an article about travel trilers, but I can't find what does "teardrop trailer" and "pop-up trailer" means. The firdt I think that could be "remolque con forma de lágrima", but I'm not sure 'cause I didn't find information in spanish. The second one, neither find anything. Help me please!
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    Hello, lauruxis43, and welcome to the forum.

    I googled "remolque acampar" and found some pictures of tent trailers or "pop-up" trailers. They were called remolque tienda.

    One site I found was from Spain, and they called their camping trailers caravana. The smallest one had a teardrop shape. Other sites referred to these as caravana tipo lágrima, or remolque modelo lágrima. Other sites just referred to them as remolque para acampar, without mentioning the shape or size of the trailer.

    Hope it helps.
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