Tearing free....Ripping free...

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Tearing free. Ripping free

He ripped at it until it released and somehow—the water trying to kill him, to end him— somehow he pulled himself out of the shattered front window and clawed up into the blue, felt something hold him back, felt his windbreaker tear and he was free.

Tearing free....Ripping free...

But so far! So far to the surface and his lungs could not do this thing, could not hold and were through, and he sucked water, took a great pull of water that would—finally—win, finally take him, and his head broke into light and he vomited and swam, pulling without knowing what he was, what he was doing.

Q: for me, 'tearing something make someone free' sounds correct not that one. Could you explain another phrase such as 'tearing free' or 'repping free' here?
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    To me it's representing his [sub-conscious] thoughts and relief as his clothing tears away from whatever it was snagged on; he's aware of a tearing sensation which means he's free, a ripping feeling and knows he's free.
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