tearing out to the road when they drove by

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Hay una frase que me confunde mucho....:confused: No tengo idea de lo que puede significar.

El contexto habla de un criminal que escapa del sitio donde iba a cometer un crimen, un asesinato a dos mujeres, porque escuchó que la policía lo estaba persiguiendo. Lo que sucede con las mujeres es lo siguiente:

She came back facedown in the shoulder of the road, her body jerking. She said:" I'm all right"
Her friend asked: "All right? You went tearing out to the road when they drove by. I was afraid you were going to run right out in front of them. Then your eyes rolled back in your head and you went down"

Gracias de antemano por cualquier ayuda. :confused:
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    Hi Priss,


    tearing out (*into the road) = running wildly / fleeing (*into the road).

    Her friend was worried that because she seemed to be running so blindly (running for her life it seems), that she clearly was not looking where she was going or looking out for passing traffic, and she thought that she would keep on running right into the path of some passing vehicles.

    Hope this helps.

    *I know it says out to the road, but it should say out into the road.
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