Tease me vs make fun me

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what is the difference between the verbs "to tease" and "to make fun"?

"Tease me" Vs "make fun me"

The context is laughing about someone.

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    They are very similar in meaning.

    But you can tease someone gently, humorously, in a friendly way. In fact, flirting can often involve some pleasant teasing; whereas to make fun of someone is to make them the object of laughter – to make other people laugh AT them, and is less pleasant.


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    From everything I've read, "teasing" is a way of communicating. It can be positive, negative or neutral.

    Making fun of, and bullying are part of a continuum and it is hard to distinguish the effect. But it is easy to distinguish the purpose. Bullying, and to a lesser degree, making fun of, are designed to be hurtful.

    We did not make that distinction when I was growing up, and bullying only applied to physical intimidation, not words.
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