tease/mess with somebody

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When I'm joking with someone, can I safely say:"I'm teasing you." or "I'm messing with you."?

Thank you.
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    Teasing goes well with joking. I don't feel qualified to comment on messing with since a) I don't use it myself and b) it has a negative meaning in my view and is also more of a slang expression.


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    American English
    As e2efour says, "I'm messing with you" is slang and you'll likely use it with your buddies. It often includes a "just" to soften it: "I'm just messing with you."


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    "Messing with you" might not necessarily mean "teasing". It could be something like deliberately misleading someone and then confessing to it or making someone doubt himself. I wouldn't use it as a synonym of teasing.
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