tease [that he would love to do something]

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Last year at New York Comic Con, a few members of the Pixelitis staff got to interview creator Pendleton Ward, who flaunted his 3DS with pride when asked if he was into gaming. He teased that he would love to make an Adenture Time game with Elder Scrolls-like gameplay and Katamari-styledgraphics.

So I Heard You Like Cosplay: Adventure Time

I don't think this usage of tease corresponds to any of the definitions in WR. I guess it is used ,by extension from the meaning of teaser, to mean something along the lines of "to entice people's interest". The fact that it doesn't appear in WR, or any mainstream dictionaries for that matter, makes me wonder if this usage is not widely acceptable. Do you think "tease' is used correctly in the following sentences:

She teased that she would go out with him if he removed her nemesis from the position of General Manager.
In an interview, the CEO teases that he will consider bringing back the TV show if the marathon rerun gets good ratings.
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    Tease normally means to make fun of or jokingly tantalise and usually takes an object, thus the children teased the dog. In the passage quoted it means joked. Neither of your two sentences sound idiomatic to me.
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