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I am doing my english homework at this exact moment and I have come across this following sentence:

"When I was ten, other children used to _______ me because I was short, fat and wore glasses.

amuse - joke - bore - tease

I believe it can be either to joke or to tease, which you do you believe is the correct one? Is there any meaningful differences btw to joke and to tease?

Thanks in advance.
  • PaulQ

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    Joke is intransitive -> it does not have an object, therefore, "They joked me" :cross: but "They joked about me" :tick:

    Tease is usually transitive and has an object - "They teased me" "They are teasing [with an implied "you/us/him/etc."]."

    To joke is usually neutral or positive; to tease is negative.
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